About Jasper Pedyo

Jasper Pedyo was born in Chitungwiza just outside Harare, Zimbabwe he  moved to South Africa when he was 8 then to England at of the age of 10 where Jasper’s family finally settled down together in Leeds, and then to Barnsley.


On leaving school he spent one-year studying Furniture Design at De Montfort University, Leicester. However, he increasingly felt drawn to return to Leeds College of Art (now known as  Leeds Arts University), where he spent the next three years, graduating in fine art in 2018


Jasper Pedyo’s paintings are highly influenced by the philosophy of Alexander Baumgarten, who coined the term ‘aesthetics’ in 1735. Aestheticism, to Jasper, is very important. He intends to provide the viewer with an environment of visual bliss; his work’s purpose is to be experienced solely with instinctive and  physical responses to its structure, color, and surrounding space